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  • I decided to give the keto diet another try, as I had success with it before but stopped because of two issues. First, it was expensive to buy the type of food I wanted to eat (bacon, steak, pork, etc); and two, it was hard on my digestive system. All the cheese, fat, and meet

  • Well, I got a gym membership to Planet Fitness, and only used it twice in the first three weeks. This was partly because it was around Thanksgiving and I spent a ton of time with my family, but it was really because I didn’t force myself to go to the gym. However, the last two

  • So, this all started because I was watching John Oliver’s last week tonight show on YouTube. This particular episode was about Alex Jones, the super far-right talk show host who likes to say outlandish, border-line insane things like: the fluoride and chemicals in America’s tap water are turning people, and frogs, gay. And, to be

  • Deaf House Hollow Practice on 6/5/2018

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