Day 1

Thursday, September 19th 2019.

I’m starting this post the same way I’ve started similar ones in the past: by saying I’ve tried this before but I think this time will be different. I’m talking about weight loss.

I have been wanting and needing to lose a significant amount of weight for at least the last two years. I would say I have been “trying to lose weight” but really I can’t say that I’ve given it my best shot. I’ve done little things here and there and talked about what I need to do, but I haven’t been consistent enough to make a difference. I’ve said I need to stop drinking anything except water, but haven’t done that. I’ve needed to stop eating out so much, but haven’t. And I’ve said I need to start cooking and planning my meals, but haven’t. If I did these things, I would lose weight even without exercising. But I usually can go a few days or a week of doing everything right and then multiple weeks of doing everything wrong.

So, I am starting again. I am making today Day 1 and will do my best to log my progress in hopes it helps keep me accountable.

Today’s Meals

Breakfast: two pop tarts.

Lunch: Half sandwich, half salad from HEB. 220 calories.

Dinner: Basically corn tortilla chips and then fell asleep.

Weight: 355 (down two pounds since start of week)

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