Daily Log

Note: I aim to start logging my food, exercise, and thoughts daily in hopes it keeps me motivated and accountable. I was suppose to already be doing this but never got around to it. I need to make it part of my routine.

Tuesday 2/19/2019

Breakfast: Nothing. Woke up late. 

Lunch 12:30pm: McDonalds, 2 chicken sandwhiches and a McDouble. Large water. I could have eaten left over chicken and vegetables, but didn’t. Terrible.

Dinner 6:30pm: A turkey sandwich and chips, two low carb monsters.  

Late night 11:00pm:  Frozen pizza, two pieces. 

I didn’t do great today, but I didn’t have any sodas or empty calories, so that’s a plus. 

Wednesday 2/20/2019

Breakfast: nothing. 

Lunch: 12:45pm: A salad with grilled chicken from racetrac, it was ok. Low carb monster.
   note: It’s now 4:02pm and I’m very hungry. I didn’t each much at all for             lunch, and it will be awhile before dinner. So, I know I’ll be tempted to get         something from the drive through real fast. I’ll try to get a protein bar or         something instead.

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