Lab Work: at my heaviest.

I decided I should get some lab work done so I can compare my health later down the road (hopefully after substantial weight loss). I didn’t expect the results to be great, but I was definitely shocked at how bad it actually was. 

My cholesterol was terrible, my liver enzymes were high, my blood count was high, my hemoglobin was high, and my testosterone was incredibly low.  The thing that worries me the most is my liver enzymes. I probably have fatty liver disease, which is reversible if I start living healthier, but it still is terrifying. I’m going to start testosterone injections because of how low it is, so hopefully that helps my energy levels and gets the weight loss started. Once I gain some momentum, my testosterone will naturally rise from the weight loss and I can discontinue the injections. I’m also going to start a few supplements. My plan is this: 

  1. Start testosterone injections. 
  2. Niacin and fish oils for cholesterol. 
  3. Liver supplement. 
  4. DIM to aid the testosterone. 

I am also going to start taking 5-HTP, Phosphatidyl-serine, and Ashwagandha for mood and stress support. 

We’ll see how everything goes. 

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