Starting Keto

I decided to give the keto diet another try, as I had success with it before but stopped because of two issues. First, it was expensive to buy the type of food I wanted to eat (bacon, steak, pork, etc); and two, it was hard on my digestive system. All the cheese, fat, and meet was really difficult to digest and I would even get nauseous at the thought of eating eggs or bacon. 

To fix these two problems I need to have more balance with the diet. I need to eat more leafy greens and low carb vegetables, and cut down on processed foods like cheese. I also need to avoid eating multiple types of meets at once. I plan to stick to either beef, chicken, or pork for one day and not mix and match. Hopefully this will help with the digestive issues. Adding more leafy greens will also cut down on cost as it helps me feel full and those foods are cheaper protein. 

The first week of keto I was doing really well, but then Christmas came and I fell off the wagon for the next week. So, after losing 10 pounds (I went up to 349 before starting and down to 339 after one week) I then gained 5 back over the holidays so I’m back to 345. But, I’m not disappointed because I know exactly what caused the weight gain and I know will start to lose it again in this next week. 

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