Still Struggling with Eating Right

Well, I got a gym membership to Planet Fitness, and only used it twice in the first three weeks. This was partly because it was around Thanksgiving and I spent a ton of time with my family, but it was really because I didn’t force myself to go to the gym. However, the last two weeks I have gone 3 days a week and then 4 days this week. I’m pretty happy about that but it hasn’t showed up on the scale yet. This is probably because I’m still not eating right. 

I have done a little better eliminating sodas and other drinks, but I still have had probably one every other day, and several on the weekend. I also haven’t gotten in the habit of making my own meals and I’m still eating out nearly everyday. I have to fix that. 

All in all, I’m still around 345, with the scale going up to 348 at the worst parts of the day and down to 342 one morning this week. I’m confident that if I continue going to the gym there is no reason why I won’t lose weight, especially when I improve my diet. 

Working Out is Hard

I use to think people who said working out is hard were just lazy, now I understand. Working out is hard if you’re not use to it. If you’re not in a routine and exercising isn’t made a priority, it’s difficult just to physically get to the gym. Once you get to the gym, your body is not use to the abuse. It’s the whole ‘a body at rest wants to stay at rest’ philosophy. Not only that, but I have gained so much weight that its like I have another person sitting on my shoulders during every workout. This makes it difficult to looking forward to going to the gym. The first few workouts went like this: 

The first workout:

I had came across a video that said one of the best workouts for weight loss is to use a barbell with modest weight and do shoulder-presses, then front squats, then bench over rows, then squats, and finish with deadlifts. You would do 5-7 reps of each with no rest between switching to the next lift. All that would be one set, and you would try to do as many sets in 20 minutes as possible. I got to two and a half. After this, my legs wore extremely sore for 7 days (along with everything else) and I didn’t do any other workouts during those 7 days. I think I started a little to strong for the first workout. 

The second workout:

The second time around I decided just to try going for a run. It was freezing outside, but it felt good to push through it. I started jogging down the street, and I was winded with .10 miles. I had to stop jogging and sort of power walk, then jog some more, then walk, then decided to sprint the last 30 yards. My knees were pretty sore and the next day my legs were sore and, somehow, my shoulders/traps were also sore. I didn’t do anything else for the next 3 days. 

The Next Few Workouts: 

I started going to the gym a little more regularly and did mostly cardio. I hopped on the elliptical and managed to go for 15 minutes the first time, then 25, then 30 minutes the third time. I also did some crunches afterwards. I definitely felt like I did something the days afterwards but I wasn’t very sore, which I think is a good thing for just starting out. 

Tip: don’t try to lose all the weight in one workout. 

That’s what I tried to do. I wanted to force my body to lose more weight than possible by working out harder than I should have, and it lead to me not going to the gym for 7 days. It’s going to take time. It took me multiple years to gain this weight, I’m not going to lose it overnight. It will happen, I just need to be consistent. 

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